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Our favorite worry-free way to carry liquids on vacation

Our favorite worry-free way to carry liquids on vacation

There are very few travel accessories we find useful. Most of them take up valuable room in your suitcase or carry on and end up in the garage sale having barely been used. We also travel by the rule “You pack it – you carry it” so keeping everyone in the family’s bag light and free of unnecessary junk is a big priority. However, the one item that always finds its way into our suitcases is the Jet Bag.

These bags have traveled with us since 2010 from France to Napa and everywhere else. While they are perfect for carrying a bottle of wine in your checked bags, we’ve also filled them with olive oil, soap, multiple jars of honey and tapanades. Unlike other bags that are molded to the shape of a wine bottle, these bags are able to fit items with other shapes and sizes. We haven’t had a break or spill in the 7 years we’ve used them and we are still reusing the bags from our original order.

They are super lightweight, biodegradable and hold up to 750ml size bottles. They feature a plastic zip style closure and have an absorbent pad that soaks up any unfortunate spills – up to a full bottle of wine!

When we were in Napa the wineries wanted $60 to ship bottles home and our Jet Bags allowed us to cart our favorites back without spending the extra cash.

All reviews are based on our experiences and your experiences may not be the same as ours. Don’t forget you are only allowed liquids of 3.4 ounces in your carry on luggage. Anything larger than the 3.4 ounces must be checked and this includes items in a Jet Bag.